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You choose where you

want to be, who you want

to be with, and how you

want to spend your time. 

Patients and Families


You choose where you want to be, who you want to be with, and how you want to spend your time. 

Having the conversation                   

Once the patient and family see hospice as an option, they should discuss it with their care professionals and other family members.         

Explain what is important to you and ask others to respect your wishes for dignity and comfort.             

Hospice is a natural step in the care continuum. Hospice isn't "giving up". It's quite the opposite.            

Let your family and friends know you are choosing Hospice for individualized care focused on comfort.            



What to Expect after Calling Us  


We will gather basic information about the patient, illness, where the patient lives and who will be present for our meeting.           

We will always strive to meet with you at a location and time that is comfortable for you.              

You do not need to be ready to sign up for hospice before calling us. Sometimes it helps to just talk and understand your care options first.     



Admission Process


We will ask your Physician for a Hospice referral which identifies the Hospice illness (diagnosis). We will meet with you at the scheduled location and time of your choice.      

A nurse will evaluate the patient's medical Hospice eligibility and help to answer any questions you may have. If the patient meets Hospice criteria, we can begin Hospice care when you are ready.   

Care can begin at the hospital, nursing home, or in your own home. You do not need to transfer or move anywhere for Hospice care.         

All medication, supplies, and medical equipment will be coordinated and paid for by hospice and delivered to your home promptly.   


Care Wherever You Call Home     


When asked, most patients say they would like to spend their final days in a place they call home and surrounded by people they love.         

We strive to keep you in your “home” throughout the continuum of care.               

"Home" is anywhere you reside. It can be a residence, nursing home, long term care community or independent living facility.          

We will provide care wherever you choose to live.    




Hospice FAQs


How do I know if I qualify? If you have a life-limiting illness and wish to focus on comfort care, ask you attending Physician for a referral to Atlanta Family Hospice for an assessment. We will let you know if you qualify for Hospice Care.

Some signs it may be time to ask your physician include:

• Loss of function or physical decline

• Increase in hospitalizations

• Multiple medical conditions

• Continuing weight loss

• Dependence in activities of daily living

• Treatment options no longer enhance or prolong quality of life 


How long Can I remain on Hospice?


As long as you still maintain a prognosis of 6 months and want comfort care. 


What If I Improve?


You will be discharged from Hospice if you improve and no longer meet hospice criteria. You can begin again when you meet Hospice criteria.


What If I Change My Mind?


A patient can revoke Hospice at any time, for any reason. 

What if I need to transfer to a nursing home? 

We will help you identify nursing homes in your area, assess any costs, and facilitate the transfer. Atlanta Family Hospice Care can remain your Hospice across all care settings. 


Do I need to use the Hospice affiliated with my hospital or nursing home? 


No. All patients and families have a choice in selecting the Hospice company they would like to provide their end-of-life care.  Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Physicians are mandated to offer choice and honor their patient's wishes. 

Many patients and families like the benefit of choosing an independently owned hospice with a mission for caring for patients in the community.  


Do I need a DNR?


No. You can be admitted to Hospice without a signed DNR. Hospice will continue to discuss Advance Directives and will work toward a DNR in most cases. However, a DNR is not required to be on Hospice.



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