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Because you truly care about your patients,

you partner with hospice

The Hospice care team and facility staff work in close partnership as an extension of one another.  

Care Planning

The Hospice team will create the initial plan of care and continually modify the care plan as the patient's needs progress. 

Atlanta Family Hospice Care attends all Care Plan meetings regarding the patient. We also facilitate additional family discussions that may occur outside of the nursing home.




The Hospice team visits regularly to:

•Provide pain and symptom management

•Oversee care planning

•Assist with bathing or meals

•Secure Physician's orders

•Coordinate medication, equipment and supplies

•Chart activities and progress notes in your records or designated Hospice binders



Facilitating Decisions

The hospice Social Worker and others on the Hospice team can facilitate decisions such as Advance Directives and funeral arrangements.

The Hospice team can also connect the patient and family to additional resources for assistance in financial and legal matters.




When your long-time resident or patient expires, you often wonder what happens to the family who is no longer visiting their loved one.

You wonder how they now fill their days, if they are doing alright, and who is taking care of their needs.

Hospice provides care for the family and friends of your patients for at least a year. We make sure they have the support they need and honor the memory of their loved one.

Atlanta Family Hospice Care is also available to assist in hospice memorials for your residents.

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